Youtube Shorts

YouTube, one of the largest content platforms in the world, has transformed into another world with the success it has achieved in recent years. The platform, which is a big income source for content producers, has also grown its income by multiplying. The company is preparing to use their weapon to surpass rival companies that force it from time to time. The company resorts to a new method to increase the user experience.

YouTube Shorts find themselves on TV
YouTube puts a lot of emphasis on the Shorts part. The company is working hard to use Shorts more actively. According to the latest attempt, Shorts will now appear on TV. The feature will be available in a few weeks. However, the company does not guarantee its compatibility with older generation smart TVs.

YouTube Shorts was launched about 18 months ago. Last year, YouTube stated that Shorts was a “long-term monetization project.” It seems that the company is slowly taking these steps. According to the information obtained, this area receives 30 billion views per day.

The innovations that the company recently wanted to bring to Shorts are not limited to this. In the past weeks, YouTube has been looking to activate a feature that will allow content producers to make money on Shorts. Shorts will partner with the YouTube Partner Program from 2023. With this partnership, it will be possible to earn money from advertisements in this section.

YouTube’s new Shorts feature is not limited to this. The company is preparing to activate an important feature so that users can find the music they like more easily. The platform will bring you the option to add the music you like directly to the YouTube Music playlist.

In addition, the company rolled up its sleeves for an important initiative in the past weeks. YouTube will give you the option to add the music you like in Shorts directly to the YouTube Music playlist. In this way, you will not need to exit the application.